A power-couple production team dedicated to creating fine-art through media...

Our Story.

It's a typical love-story... that we of course think is the greatest of it's time. The ever-wise Greg Laswell was kind enough to paraphrase it just for us in his song, "And Then You."  

"How my love it spins me 'round

And how my love it's let me down...

...And how my days they spin me 'round

And how today it sets me down

Alongside you..."

Photo courtesy of  Savanna Marlee Photography .

Photo courtesy of Savanna Marlee Photography.

Jeremy Williams brings to the table (or in our case, a very charming shared 'couples' desk that he custom built) over 20 years of industry experience in media production. 8 years of this were spent as the sole media director for New Heart Worship Center in Auburn, WA. What makes him truly exceptional at his craft is the fact that he's always viewed the world through a lens--both figuratively & literally. 

Samantha Weissbach Williams has been passionate about performance & visual artistry for as long as she can remember. A true type-A personality, Samantha will not rest until a project has reached it's full potential via her pristine post-production skills & eye for detail. A photographer who became interested in film later down the line, she possesses a unique, granular view on film due to her extensive time spent studying the "single-frame moments" of life. 

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